We are putting in place a process of monitoring the safety and contributing to the continuous assessment of the benefit-risk profile of our products at every stage of their life cycle with the aim of patient safety all the times.

Our Aim

Being patient safety first a priority, we are striving to assure standards and innovations in the collection, management, analysis and use of medicine safety information where needed. Sharing the risks and benefits with internal and our external partners through structured governance and communications at every level is an endeavor to meet the evolving requirements of health authorities.

Our Commitment

We are watchful about the safety profile of our products and minimizing the risk associated with them.

Though the safety of our products has already been established there is always a chance of adverse events so requires a mechanism of monitoring to generate safety indications for safe and effective prescribing pattern and product usage.

In case you come across any adverse events related to our products, please feel free to connect with the Indus Group Pharmacovigilance team.

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