Mr. Saeed Ismail


The journey that Indus Pharma has embarked upon around five decades ago is truly rewarding since we are recognized as one of the top reputed pharmaceuticals of Pakistan.

We are putting our best to give our share in domestic as well as global medicine requirements by humankind.
Indus group has done all possible related diversification and remains committed to corporate and social responsibilities while reflecting our corporate values in all our actions. Indus Pharma is dedicated to providing high-quality pharmaceuticals to the communities where we operate with safety, efficacy and innovative product line.

We will continue our journey and commitment to our mission of spreading smiles across communities.

Top Team

Built on the principle of Collaborate, Empower and Compete, our top team drives corporate success.

Indus Pharma’s leadership structure is comprised of a management committee led by our Chairman and CEO, Mr. Zahid Saeed with the professional and family teams’ representation from key areas including Marketing and Sales (Domestic and International), Technical and Innovation, Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Finance and Supply Chain.
This team rudders the corporate strategy and motivate people to unify their efforts in delivering the very best to our customers internally and externally.