Life at Indus

Our unique culture is shaped up by a set of values that are lived collectively at all levels. We are observant about driving a culture that has been prudently researched, thoughtfully crafted, and mutually lived every day by everyone.

As embedded in our credo, our culture unifies our directions and decisions, helping us to spread smiles across communities every moment of the day.

Our values

Our values shape and define our unique culture and express our desire to spread smiles across communities.

Our Vision, Mission and Values are the lifeline of our company. They must be known, owned and lived by all.

Dark blue represents Indus Corporate Color and a binding force to all Integrity symbol shows that we do care how results are achieved and demonstrate honest and fair behavior in all our actions and activities.
Green color depicts admiration and respect. The symbol shows that at Indus we treat one another and our external stakeholders with respect, regardless of status.
Purple color is a symbol of collaboration. The Symbol shows that we truly believe that success is built on better peer relationships, trust and participation.
Red is the color of commitment that shows passion, energy and obsession. Symbol shows pledge about driving business growth, walk the talk and customer satisfaction.
Deep Yellow color is the true depiction of innovation like the color of a bulb. The symbol shows that we rely on innovation to hatch an idea, to reach the stakeholders and customers with new or improved solution.

We believe in collaborating beyond, empowering across and competing in the marketplace